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These 3 SMART Marketing Tips are Your Best Friends

 Fresh marketing tips never get old! Here are a few little things to keep in your pocket. These may help you along your path to success or may even help you feel more confident when you're out there marketing.

1. I recommend being a backup for other agencies. While you're out there networking and meeting competitors, get curious. Ask them if they have cases that they can't staff. They may have a specific territory, zip codes, or county lines out of their range but maybe it’s within yours! You can staff some of the ones that they can't.

Would they consider sending some of the ones they can't manage to you? For example, they've had a really successful week and they've signed up three 24-hour clients in the last week. Then, that fourth one comes in and they're just overwhelmed. Instead of saying no, you can be the answer for them! Always offer. Just say, “You know, if you get something you can't handle, send it over to me and I'll do the same because I struggle with this, this, and this type of client.” Give them, your feedback and ask them for theirs. From there, work towards building a relationship.

Sometimes it works out beautifully, sharing the common goal of serving the seniors in your community. You could even partner. For instance, you've got the day shifts down really well, but the nights have been a struggle or vice versa. Perhaps you could partner. Once you formulate some of those relationships, then they are empowered. You are able to say to the referrer or to the client, “Look, we just don't have this right now, but I have another agency that we've used before where we trust sending you."

There’s enough business for everybody, and your goal is to serve the seniors, not just yourself. If you believe in that, then this is a good tactic for you.

2. Say YES to everything! Okay? Do you have Medicaid? Do you have the VA contract? Do you accept care for COVID-19 positive clients? Do you go out into the rural areas around your community? If the answer to those questions is “no.” That's okay. Look around. Some of those competitors or partners are going to be able to fulfill those needs that you can't. If you've been marketing to a case manager and they finally send you something that you can't handle, you can still say yes. You can be the resource for those people so you're not having to turn away business after working so hard to build case manager’s trust in calling on you.

Have a network of other agencies where you can be their back