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Who Better Than You?

The number one thing I tell my owner/operator clients about marketing their home care services is - "Who could be better at selling you than you?" In the non-medical home-care business, all you have to do is sell yourself! Which you've done every time you applied for a job, every first date, even when you interview other people for a job, you're talking about what you can do for them. That's selling, my friend.

You simply identify who could possibly refer to your agency, and go tell them how YOU can help them!

  • YOU will consult with anyone they refer to you.

  • YOU will do the assessment.

  • YOU will ensure the right Caregivers will be on the job.

  • YOU will solve any problems as they come along, RIGHT?

That's all it takes to sell your services, while you're small enough to reach all your clients and employees yourself. As you grow, you'll add on staff to whom you can delegate some of those tasks, but you'll still be the top of the pyramid. As long as your clients know that they can get access to the owner, and your team is taught your way, then even when other people are acting as an extension of YOU, then your promises are still good!

As an owner, do you need to have a marketing team? Sure you do - once your agency is large enough that you need to scale up, and you're busy with overseeing the operations, finances, etc. Then you definitely need a marketer/sales person. But hopefully by then, you have already established several referral sources and your marketing staff will be bringing in new/additional sources, and maybe helping to maintain yours.

But here's the thing - it starts with you! Even when you're hiring an experienced marketer with many of their own leads/referral sources, the message you want them to give out is YOUR MESSAGE - specific to your brand, your agency, and your passion for taking care of people. And if you haven't proven that your message works or even practiced it, you won't be able to give your marketing team the guidance and support they need to get on target, and to keep bringing in new business.

It's vital that you know how to sell your own services, or you can't expect others to do it effectively. Learn how to stand out as an agency in a large market, to establish relationships with your potential referral sources so they trust you, and how to close on client inquiries like a BOSS! If you can do these things yourself, you can LEAD your team to do so with confidence!

If you're interested in learning more from me about Marketing Your Non-Medical Home Care agency, go to and look into the Marketing Non-Medical Home Care course. You'll have access to the course for a year, and we're adding new content all the time.

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