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Seniors Socializing


If you want to start a Home Care company, forget the

franchises - royalties can take a third of your income!  Slusher Consulting will take the guess work out of the whole process, and help you start a healthy, viable company. Start your own Home Care agency today, and let me help you

answer your calling!


If you are currently operating and you need an expert, I am more than a consultant. I've worked in many aspects of geriatric care. Starting as a floor nurse, to a home health nurse, to administration in Assisted Living, to Executive Administrator of one of San Antonio's premiere home care companies and all the aspects in between. I'll spend quality time with you, helping to identify your goals and vision for your company, and find solutions to streamline operations to better serve your employees, clients and communities. 

Marketing team meeting


I believe that true leadership is evident in the successes of those they lead. A happy team serves happy customers! When your team is responsible for the well being of others, they have daily stressors and vast responsibilities, they need ongoing professional support, education, and team building. Let me help with your business challenges and strengthen your team. I can help you improve client care, employee and client satisfaction, caregiver turnover, and boost your reputation. Work with a trusted leader in Home Care. 

Family meeting with healthcare professional


As a Senior Care Consultant, whether its helping agencies who provide services, or working directly with family members, my goal is the same - excellent care! To allow seniors to live with dignity, comfort and meaningful experiences, I help create peace of mind and ensure the highest quality of life. 

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