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For Families

I've been helping families in crisis for over 20 years. Whether it's directly providing care or helping arrange various services, excellent care and peace of mind are my first priorities.  I understand the struggles and pain of dealing with the challenges of care needed for a senior loved one. I specialize in dementia, chronic illness, I am a Caregiver Stress-Busting facilitator, and I'm even a Caregiver myself. Let me help answer all the questions you may have about care for your aging loved one. 

Family Caregiver Consultations 

Contact me to receive a

"What to do when I become a Caregiver" checklist to keep.

  • Navigation of the healthcare system

  • Education and identifying resources

  • Getting organized for life changes

  • Referrals to Aging Life Care professionals, skilled care, private duty care, or facilities

  • Help with making tough decisions

  • Specializing in dementia, chronic illness, and complex family dynamics

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