Get your Administrator CEs for Texas PAS Agencies HERE! 

This Continuing Education is 100% Relevant to PAS Home Care Agencies!


Get your Initial 8 Hours Certification NOW! Only $99!

Presented by Candyce Slusher of Slusher Consulting

  • Looking for Administrative CEs that are specific to Personal Assistance Services (PAS)? 

  • Are you combing through general educational material looking for the stuff that you as a PAS Agency actually care about?

  • Tired of having Home Health and Hospice information thrown at you??

Administrative Continuing Education for PAS!

Texas requires that all Home and Community Support Service Agency Administrators and Alternate Administrators have their "Initial 8 Hours" of Continuing Education prior to submitting your License Application on TULIP.

Coming in 2023 - Watch for the 16 hour certificate and 12 hour courses too!


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