Texas Home Care

Administrator Academy

Presented by Candyce Slusher of Slusher Consulting

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  1. Creating Your Mission Statement

  2. HHS Regulations and Standards

  3. TULIP

  4. How to Complete Survey Readiness Form

  5. Scheduling Software/EVV/Electronic Medical Record

  6. Documentation Requirements

  7. Operations

  8. Annual Obligatory Protocols

  9. You’re Licensed, Now What?

  10.  Caregivers

  11.  Onboarding Staff

  12. Retention

13. Hirable Status, Rehiring

14. Marketing: Includes Marketing Non-Medical Home Care Course

15. Initial Assessments

16.  Client Starts

17. Ongoing Client Care

18. Reporting

19. COVID-19 Recommended and Mandatory Protocols

20. Working with the Terminally Ill/Hospice Clients

21. Working with clients with Dementia

22. As you grow and scale

23. What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Survey

Guiding with integrity, instilling confidence and peace of mind, and helping home care agencies provide quality service.

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Here's What You'll Get:

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"I am gaining the confidence to go out there and do what works.
I don’t have to re-invent the wheel. The path has been set I just follow it
-Eva B.


3 benefits/not features
plus a blurb about the marketing course being included

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Texas Home Care Administrator Academy
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